How to Make Beautiful Braids

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Braid is mainly the women hair cut. This type of hair style is very common in hot weather countries and summer season also. Women make this hair style and also embellish it with leather strips, colorful ribbons, golden hair pins and clips. You can also wrap the braids with beads jewels, gems and net.
This hair style is very helpful to manage the long hair in very stylish manner. This braided hair style is very unique and simple and also can be decorated differently. You can also beautify the braids with different flowers like roses and jasmine and also with shining clips. Usually to make braids it takes around fifteen minutes but also require a lot of practice. Woman with medium or long hair looks beautiful with braids. Given below are some steps to make decorated braids.

Steps to Make Beautiful Braids:

The first step is to parted your hair from the centre and brush them properly and all knots have to be take out.

Then the parted hair has to be taken, also sufficient to be separated into three strands. The parted hair has to be brushed again.

Now begin to braiding. The right part has to cross above the center part so that the original right part becomes the center part and then the left part has to be cross above the center part so that the original left part becomes the center part.

Continue with this and also the hair has to be braided from the roots to the locks of hair. Once you end with braiding then cover the braid with band so that it remains in its place. Now you can decorate the braids with gold pins or thin ribbons. Make the same braids like this.

There are some tips to make better and simple braids just to need some hair care tips which will make hair healthy, thus resulting better decorated braids. Given below are some of the hair care tips

First of all, wet your hair a little bit before braiding and better outcome. It is also essential to brush your hair properly, so that there should be no knots. Also do not create very tight braids as it can cause permanent bald patches. Extreme tight braids can break the hair away from scalp and results weak or hair loss.

It is also suggested not to comb wet hair and also avoid usage of hard brush. Avoid tug or twist at your hair needlessly. It is also important to brush your hair always before sleeping at night. Trim your hair regularly and also eliminate hair sprays.

Decorated braids look beautiful almost on everyone and also keep you looking bubbly and bright all the time.
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